The workplace is constantly evolving because of the growing business demands, driven by emerging technologies and talent competition. Companies are focusing on modern office concepts and future-oriented work environments thanks to the increasing challenges of continuing globalization and the changing ways of working. Furthermore, modern workplaces must be designed to put people first and to support how they work, they must operate to allow for adaptation and encourage new ways of working. The challenge of the workspace design in these changing circumstances is to build community, and inspire people to compete for talent and do their best work every day.

We can do this by identifying individualized solutions for companies and optimizing work practices and working environments. In our workplace solutions consultancy, we discuss how new office concepts could affect the clients’ work environment. We also take account of the clients’ individual needs to develop tailored workplace solutions. In contrast to the ordinary workplace concepts developed in isolation, we offer our clients an integrated solution, taking into account market and feasibility concerns, from the concept design to the implementation and operation. 

We offer a deep understanding of the design of contemporary and sustainable work environments and associated amenities. Metrics gathered from our completed designs has proven net gains in employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. Therefore, consistent results reveal the positive impact of the new facilities and how they often exceed the high expectations of our clients in terms of the ability to positively engage employees and support innovation.

Our architectural staff members have specialist skills in managing complex processes. They are experts in designing new facilities that can be built in and around existing buildings and operations.

Service activities

All our activities begin with an analysis of key elements of requirements, status of the assets and future opportunities. During the earliest stages of the analysis we stress the importance of exploring and identifying all the possible options. We encourage the participation of the client and project team to regular briefing and force to propose new ideas. The design solutions for each project we undertake are always tailored to the client ‘s needs, our process is based on the fundamental essence of the project program in question.

The analysis provides the basis for the workplace project, particularly with the focus to the:

  • company’s culture, values and strategic direction; 
  • the needs and aspirations of its people; 
  • the future drivers for change to which it will need to respond.

Any company or cultural transformation that requires people to significantly change a particular aspect of their life or work must manage this process very carefully. Very often these changes affect a person’s daily routines: a new headquarters, a change in office layout or the introduction of flexible new ways of working that encourage teamwork, despite the long-term positive results have often an impact.

We provide you with a team of experts that will help you:

  • identify the resistances within your company; 
  • manage expectations in order to guarantee acceptance of the change and minimise risks (costs, delays, loss of commitment from employees, reputation, etc.); 
  • draw up a customised communication strategy and action plan, designed to turn your employees into the very best ambassadors of change.