It consists of a set of planning and design services used to direct human traffic and to help visitors understand your project and find their way in it. Wayfinding and signage design creates an emotional connection with your guests and it should be used to create a safe, customer-friendly space around the building. It keeps the customers happy and relaxed while going to and around the project area. 

Good architectural wayfinding allows users to navigate built environments with ease and confidence. Within complex environments, such as airports and civic buildings wayfinding enhances one’s understanding of the physical environment, reduces stress and confusion, increases safety, and saves time. Therefore, effective wayfinding goes beyond signs and graphics. It includes architectural and interior design elements and cues, to guide visitors to their destinations and back again. 

Our team design wayfinding and signage systems to help people connect to the project environment, letting them feel at home in your building. Above all, we produce a wayfinding and signage design as visual as possible, ensuring that everyone is able to understand it with little confusion, regardless of age or ability. Wayfinding and signage design is considered within the entirety of the visitor experience. We figure out how quickly their impressions are formed and how those impressions could create perceptions of all that is to follow into the project. 

Furthermore, we work to implement creative signage design solutions that are compatible with the design intent and use of the building and its surrounding environment. Typically, signage design services include analysis of and recommendations for wayfinding and signage solutions. As a result of that, the scope of the signage needs to address requirements, branding standards and other design intent considerations to appropriately integrate the signage solution into the overall project.

Service activities

Our signage design packages most often include:

  • building marquees and monumental signage;
  • exterior pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding signage; 
  • interior room signage; 
  • wayfinding and exiting signage and retail signage standards.