Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Moscow/

Moscow - Russia, 2019


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

Gross area

6.000 sqm

Construction cost


Project status

Tender Package Completed

Situated in an old and prestigious neighborhood of embassies, golf clubs and green fields in the city of Moscow, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia new Embassy building in Moscow is a facility governmental that offers safety, elegance, privacy and projects Saudi Arabia’s visual culture, aesthetic style and architectural values to the world.

Powerful and perfectly balanced, the building includes all facilities needed to dispatch embassy and consulate services to the public, including travel visas, without lowering embassy staff security. Over 5.000 sqm., distributed on six floors offering the highest standards of quality and distribution including banquet halls and special lounges, the Embassy is spread out in a beautiful six floor building, two floors are underground and the other four floors are above ground. Cutting-edge technologies are incorporated in the building, assuring protection and efficiency; the unique challenge, for edgearch, was to design contemporary architecture, which contains a variety of technologies, while reflecting the traditional and classic style of the Saudi Arabian visual culture.