Destination X/

KAEC - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2019


Reom, King Abdullah Economic City Saudi Arabia

Gross area

20.200 mq

Construction cost


Project status

Concept Design

In the south part of KAEC, between the Bay La Sun Park and the Juman Pak, there is an incomplete built area with only the structure of that should have been a residential district.

The scope of the project is using again the pre-existent concrete structure and develop a concept able to generate a public space with services and attractions for the collectivity. 

In the area of the site the columns have a organic movement, them growing up and down dividing the space and in the meanwhile they create a visual connection.

It’s possible to see the area divided in 2 levels: In the below area took place the chilling area and the playground; while in the above area there are a food court, outdoor cinema, artwork and water features.

The Bridge, one of the main element of the project, goes over and around the area, giving the people a panoramic and overhead view to the area and the seaside.

From far the project is visible through two landmarks, the ZIP-Line towers. 

These two towers, placed in the opposed entrances of the area, given the possibility to fly over the project watching the city from an unexpected view.