Passenger Terminal Building Overview

Regional Hub Airport/

Abha - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2018



Gross area

75.000 sqm

Construction cost

151.924.000 $

Project status

Under Construction

What began as a challenge, turned into the perfect combination of beauty and design. A two-time winning project, this regional hub airport redesign venture tooks the improvement project to a completely new level: a design masterplan, expandable in phases, for further developments, and a hub which can increase passenger capacity by 260% (6,4 millions of passengers per year) and can already reduce costs by 39% in the first phase.

edgearch vision brings indoors the beauty that lives in the outdoors, creating an architecture that fuses with the environment while enriching our everyday lives: the beautiful and aerodynamic roof brings green, air, light and mountains inside the hub, for an airport experience that makes the difference.

The hub includes an indoors garden and a unique fa├žade, shaped with
the silhouette of the unmistakable Asir regional mountains, all encapsulated in a bold and unique structure that captures light and releases it in impalpable oblique slices. In this magnificent hub, nature is celebrated by the window patterns inspired by the Asir region traditional textures, and the entire project conveys hospitality, style, elegance and the sobriety of a design that is convincing and in harmony with the surrounding environment.