MoC JAX Parking A Diriyah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2022

Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia – Parking A/

Jax District, Diriyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2022


Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia

Gross area

28,000 sqm

Project status

Under Construction

The multistory parking building designed for the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia is a post-tensioned concrete structure spanning over 28,000 sqm GFA, with an open facade system accommodating 324 cars across five levels. The innovative design feature of this building is the ramped slab that leads to a stunning terrace view overlooking the Wadi Hanifa in Diriyah district.

The terrace also includes an F&B space for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.The post-rationalist approach to architecture, with its emphasis on form and function, was a significant influence on our design. We sought to create a building that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The use of post-tensioned concrete slabs and open facade systems allowed for natural light and ventilation, while the full planting of local plant species on the Wadi side mitigated the building’s impact on the environment.


German Design Award Winner 2024 for Excellent Architecture