MOC Jeddah Office/

Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2019


Ministery of Culture, KSA

Gross area

3.000 sqm

Construction cost

353.625 $

Project status


For commercial and retail corporate branches buildings it is imperative for customers and staff to identify the brand identity, and to be able to recognize it in business premises and supporting locations in which the brand is reproduced.

These buildings, support an open environment around surrounding the main entrance hall and the reception bar, which is a very distinctive sign of the brand. The reception bar is a solid and iconic structure, bursting with personality, which reigns over the open-space.
The difficulty of this design and architectural project lie in the challenge of adapting the same bar concept in two very different spaces, without losing the fluidity of its peculiar form and the likelihood that customers and visitors will recognize it as the firm’s iconic signature. Both offices are also designed with dynamic and functional structures,
communicating the firm’s capabilities and strengths.