Airport Planning

Nothing is more important than a stylish and functional airport when travelling around the globe. A perfectly designed and engineered structure can make all the difference in the world. Airports are the world’s most socially, architecturally and technologically complex transportation facilities, as they are where structural integrity, operational efficiency, people movement, and especially passenger safety are of utmost concern. With that in mind, we work closely with airport service operators, management companies and civil aviation authorities to ensure that all of these criteria are met in our work. Also, we take care to integrate the most advanced technologies of communication, baggage retrieval, ticketing, etc., seamlessly into the terminal design. Therefore, we build airport facilities which sooth and welcome tired passengers and workers in spaces designed to celebrate the journey and a sense of travelling through time zones.

Hospital Planning

Our firm is highly specialized in designing healthcare and medical centres. Even more, we are devoted to this type of project because we think that beautiful surroundings can contribute to healing and wellbeing. So the health facilities that we have designed are built within international codes and standards, in addition to inimitable and undeniable harmony and beauty. All of our healthcare designs contain human touches—engaging colours, airy atria, comfortable furnishings, child-friendly artwork, etc.—to make hospital stays and visits as pleasant as possible.

Our team approaches healthcare design with an integrated framework including our knowledge of workplace, hospitality, retail, urban planning, residential, and brand design practices. Hence, this network allows us to align operations interactions with the built environment to create an enhanced patient experience.

Educational Facility Planning

Our design practice is based not just on the celebrating of our milestones but also on the improvement of users daily life and on the sharing of human experience, through which people can reach their full potential in society. Currently, in the contemporary dynamic times, the world’s development needs trained citizens, skilled workers and literate leaders. We use design to address these issues with our clients in order to achieve innovative solutions, integrating art, technology and communication into each project. 

Furthermore, our team thoughtfully apportions an educational facility’s diverse structures and spaces according to their respective functions, spatial/technological needs, and interrelation with one another. This results in distinctive learning environments that visually express their educational purposes in out-of-the-box ways and incorporate the latest technologies into their design.

Sustainability Consulting

Our sustainability team investigates ways to advance our sustainable design processes, working as an accelerator for thought leadership at the practice.

Even more committed to protecting the surrounding environment, reducing the carbon footprint, and maintaining the health of a building’s users and occupants. Our team incorporates ecological design concepts and features into all of its projects. These include double-skin glass facades that naturally illuminate interiors and circulate air between the skins, thus saving considerable utility costs. Other energy-savers are green roofs, which provide winter insulation, summer cooling, noise reduction, and CO2 absorption. As a result, with these and other sustainable elements, we make certain that each of our projects meets international environmental codes, from LEED to ASTM to ISO 14000. Therefore, our sustainability team works directly with the design teams, delivers insight and measures improvements, to develop a sustainable vision for projects carried out by the practice.