University Innovation Center/

Jazan - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2018


Jazan University/Tatweer Educational Co.

Gross area

2.250 sqm

Construction cost

2.399.415 $

Project status

Schematic Design Stage Completed

Part of an important masterplan, which aims to develop the entire area starting with roads, parking spaces, facilities and buildings, this project has been designed with very high technical standards.

The main focus is on the public spaces, which are the heart and soul of university life. A display for the Faculty, the building welcomes dynamic entrepreneurs in an ambiance, that speaks of culture, technology, attention to the environment and interactivity. All the social and community spaces are designed as creative hubs, and are intended to increase communication and exchange between innovators and businessmen. Vertical and horizontal lines create the fa├žade, which enclose the four stages of the building and end in the main square, where participants can meet and have the time and the space to socialize.

An aggregation place by definition, the center is wrapped in light and enjoys open spaces, the two elements that represent the ability to think better, create better, design a better future for the country.