KAU Conference, Media, Offices Center/

Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2016


King Abdulaziz University

Gross area

57.640 sqm

Construction cost

175.279.015 $

Project status

Tender Stage Completed

In this beautiful project, designed by the renowned France firm Architecture Studio, the iconic nature of the structure became the meaning of the building itself. Shaped like an opened Koran, the roof opens itself like smooth and flowing pages in a book, in a graceful and waving movement that contains all of humanity’s knowledge.

The canopy is beautifully inscribed with a Koran lookalike text pattern, which recalls the sacred and respectful relationship between the human intelligence and the mysteries of creation.
Light ray shines through walls and ceiling and brings with it the tales of humanity, faith and science, placing every person who enters the space in a open and relaxed mood.

A magnificent office tower and a garden square complete the project, which, with this powerful and bold aesthetic.

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