King Abdullah New Airport/

Jizan - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2012



Gross area

60.000 sqm

Construction cost

1.484.573.530 $

Project status

Under Construction

A structure with an incredible and unique shape, which recounts edgearch’s architectural and design story, with its distinctive ability to build beauty around volume and passengers’ needs, this international airport displays a masterful barrel vault, a perfect demonstration of genius and consideration for the external environment.

Iconic, innovative and projected into the future, this terminal acquires life through light: when it shines into the structure, it welcomes passengers into a glowing ambiance, in which the space is amplified and radiant. Engaging and avantgarde, this project once again puts design at the service of functionality, building beauty and boldness into an international airport that serves as the national airline hub and a monument to ritual for the millions of passengers that pass through yearly, on their way to visit the South of the Kingdom.

Edge projects and designs a full-service plan that aims to increase annual passenger traffic and build a complete traveling system, which includes parking, roads, a mosque and every other associated airside and landside service.