Venan Housing Project VHP/

Jeddah - KSA, 2018


Ladun - Ministry of Housing

Gross area

200.000 sqm

Construction cost

186,000.00 $

Project status

Under Construction

Venan Housing Project is located in the north side of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the plot land is spread on 2,000,000 Sqm divided into 6 residential zones and edgearch has been awarded 2 zones; Zone E & Zone F.

The project provides unique solutions for environmentally-sustainable, affordable housing and recreational spaces in the area. The project spans across an area of 450,000 Sqm combining residential, commercial and Providing all service such as Schools, Healthcare facilities, Police station, Fire station and community center with beautiful and satisfying open green areas to create an enjoyable living experience within a safe and rich community.

The project contains 70 residential buildings designed in different prototypes A, B, C, D offering 1700 units with a variety of collections to match the user satisfaction which also provides different room capacity and sizes such as 2 bedrooms flat, 3 bedrooms flat, 4 bedrooms flat and 3 bedroom duplex.

The project buildings were designed in a modern way with a dynamic and elegant faced design that changes between prototypes to give each one its unique and different identity studying the orientation for the buildings, The design also provides beautiful views and natural lighting in addition to the open spaces and green areas. Landscaping, parking, and open areas were designed thoughtfully to ensure that the circulation in the project was pedestrian-friendly, to ensure that the connectivity of the spaces enhances the quality of life in the area and to be safe for the kid zones.