KSU, Sustainable Energy Technologies Center/

Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2017


King Saudi University

Gross area

14.447 sqm

Construction cost

24.780.000 $

Project status

DD Stage Completed

Winner of the German Design Award and conforming to LEED certification guidelines, this project represents the human ability to insert the power of science into the very enter of human life.

In this unique and iconic building, in which gravity is challenged through obliqueness and unexpected vertical structures, scientists and researchers work in an eco-friendly and green building.
Surrounded by large, wide windows, green terraces and gardens, a better environment is created in which better solutions to develop renewable and sustainable energy resources for the future are found.

The faith in research and technology is shaped into the astonishing structure of this magnificent building, which is designed as if an atom splits and reveals its inner heart to the world, the origin of life itself, the very beginning of matter and space is found here. For every atom’s layer that the structure reveals, we discover the deep beauty that lays in science and truth.