MOFA Saudi Arabia Moroni Mission/

Moroni - Grand Comore, 2016


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

Gross area

20.846 sqm

Construction cost


Project status

Competition Awarded

Applying an understanding of the purpose of nature when building is one of edgearch’s philosophies and key values.
Addressing this one-of-a-kind project, it was essential to incorporate the majestic and powerful natural surroundings.
So, the greenery is literally inside the complex, and embraces every space between the buildings.

To achieve order and symmetries in the middle of a lush forest, the project uses the sloping terrain to shape the view of the plants and lend perspective to every single building within the complex.

To incorporate harmony with the environment while reducing costs, the mangrove tree trunks removed to allow for construction, are recycled and beautifully built into a design double layer, so they can form the exquisite façade of the complex: solid material that seems fluid, and vice versa, which is the unique and unmistakable Edge signature.