MOFA Saudi Arabia Karachi Mission/

Karachi - Pakistan, 2017


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

Gross area

27.075 sqm

Construction cost

62.651.460 $

Project status

Tender Design Completed

The Winner under Future Civic Project Category of WAF 2017. This iconic building uses design to surround everyday people’s life and work with privacy, protection and ensures direct contact with gardens and natural light.

The diplomatic compound serves as a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia mission in Karachi: in this elegant and solid architectural frame both work and life receive the right amount of aesthetic attention and functionality.
The project includes an embassy bureau, ambassadors’ residence, staff offices and housing, a school building and countless, beautiful gardens, each one capturing the essence of nature and providing shade and fresh air to the paths and passageways.

Once again edgearch’s signature is visible in the majestic and iconic façade: its double layer wraps, contains and protects the compound, creating a wall of solid fluidity, a unique touch that edgearch creates mixing together volumes and beauty in its work.