Riyadh Boulevard/

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, 2019


GEA - General Entertainment Authority

Gross area

450,000 sqm

Construction cost

6,117,000.00 $

Project status

Done and operating

The design of the Boulevard uses simple, sturdy and durable materials, just as lighting and furnishings are kept to a few, simple elements to ensure a sustainable urban space. All the selected elements are low-maintenance and contribute to the region’s green profile.

The project is located in the northwest region of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. On Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd. on a plot of an area of 450,000 Sqm, The Boulevard contains a variety of main functions such as but not limited to Highend Restaurant and Cafes designed with comfortable spaces with an overview on the dancing fountain which is biggest in Riyadh with an approximate area of 35,000 Sqm artificial lake.

The International arena (25,000 viewers) and The Arabic arena (6,000 viewers) hosting worldwide shows and concerts, Playgrounds, Retail zones & food truck area with more than 70 shops with wide landscape elements & green theme.