Specialist Medical Center, Ophthalmology 20 beds/

Prototype Project Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2018


Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia

Gross area

35.520 sqm

Construction cost


Project status

Tender Design Phase Completed

Designed by edgearch as a prototype project for the Specialist Medical Centers development programme of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, the Oncology facility building has been designed to achieve national benchmarks in quality care, offering leading radiation oncologists and medical oncologists/hematologists onsite along with convenient access to the world-renowned cancer specialists and research.

Comprehensive services provided at the Center include radiation oncology, medical oncology/hematology and surgical oncology. Additional services, all offered onsite include multidisciplinary clinics for breast, prostate and lung cancers, a nurse navigator to guide patients through the treatment and recovery process. The design process has been focused on giving to patients, families and clinicians a space to promote strong relationships allowing delivery of more effective care.

We believe support is an important component of the care and recovery of patients and their families. Several public programs have been made available to support individuals throughout all aspects of their hospitalized experience.