Mawakeb, Office Building/

Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2017


Ground Handling Logistic

Gross area

5.200 sqm

Construction cost


Project status

Tender Stage Completed

It takes a designer to understand how to communicate luxury and elegance. The value of a winning business must be visible and tangible, starting from headquarters.

In this corporate office fit-out project edgearch worked with a simple idea: mark the importance of challenging oneself to be the first, be the best to reach your full business potential. This building is infused with the sense of power and unity that comes from strong leaders and pioneers.

The fit-out project began with a redesign of the four floors, enclosed in a high technology façade, with an external structure that can change position to adapt to variations in light. The corporate and executive floor are on the top floors of the building, designed with a balance of classic and innovative architectural ideas, including a large reception hall, and fully furnished and decorated with Italian elements. A magnificent view over Riyadh’s biggest and most beautiful park, and using an innovative screen-shield system, with built-in moving louvers, which capture and filter light. This creates delicate and smooth lighting all day, and provides a touch of elegance that completes the extraordinary corporate fit-out. With this project, the bar has been raised once again with the balance between beauty and functionality being achieved beyond expectation.