Lorenteggio New Public Library/

Milan - Italy, 2017


Municipality of Milan

Gross area

1.000 sqm

Construction cost


First Phase Entry

A modern and iconic project, which aims to develop the underground volume above the building in order to gain internal space for the library and leave the outdoors to social gathering, a market, a park and public spaces.

The library develops four floors below ground level, with a total space of 1000 sqm. underground.
The structure follows the natural landscape that lies above, creating an interesting hypogeum volume due to the exact slope of the resulting hill. In addition, the surface can be used as an auditorium.

The outdoor space hosts all types of social and cultural gatherings, including art exhibitions, public concerts and readings, transporting the cultural fluctuation from inside the earth to the city space, in a continuum of exchange between thoughts and action.

These are the kinds of architectural projects that understand the city and the lives that are lived within the city walls.