Jame’Unnas Mosque/

Dammam - Saudi Arabia, 2019-2020


Housing & Construction Real Estate Co.

Gross area

6.565 sqm

Construction cost

18.138.000 $

Project status

Under Construction Tender

Jame’Unnas is situated in the heart of Dammam as a highlight of the public park. This park is a green island situated between the residential area of Dammam and King Fahd Highway. This piece of architecture is designed to provide a new identity to the park and become a center for worship and enjoyment of community life.

The project is being developed to provide to the city of Dammam a view landmark with an emphasis on the values of worship and harmony in the surrounding community.
The Architecture offers a unique meaning to the word “umbrella” which gathers in its fold the mosque and culture center to create a sense of harmony and balance.

The Jame’Unnas Mosque project consists of a large cover area with a various orders of columns disposed in concentric circles until the center where, under the dome, there is the main structural area closed, reserved to prayer with an upper level for additional prayer room. Under the cover an ancillary building containing several services and the cultural center. An open prayer area also exists between the two main structures.

The architectural design is conceived by a set of elements that cross each other, curved or straight, as arabesque shapes, assembled in vertical frames. The columns are composed of “Y” or as a tree shape connected by long beams that curve in the mosque area outlining a dome.

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