Dammam Strip Mall/

Dammam - Saudi Arabia, 2019-2020


Al Salimi Real Estate Development

Gross area

4.600 sqm

Construction cost

6.650.000 $

Project status

2nd Prize Award

The project land is located on King Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz main road.
The site location creates a unique opportunity to have the first unique strip mall in the area with an area of 4.634 sqm. edgearch has won the 2nd prize after a competitive challenge between the top 10 selected firms out of the 127 nominated worldwide professional firms.

Al Alshati Strip Mall started as an worldwide open invitation to design competition hosting over hundreds of elite architecture and construction firms to design and build unique and extraordinary strip mall in the Al Shati area in Dammam city, Saudi Arabia.
To attract high level tenants of retail shops and F&B shops, Focusing on attraction side of the project with dynamic and attractive indoor and outdoor spaces that give the visitors more than a reason to experience the space and interact with all surrounding elements and services, also the client was looking for dynamic, functional & attractive design and with cost efficient.

The project have been designed to include many of the elements that makes the shopping experience more fun and unforgettable, Unite and elegant outdoor spaces the serve the retailers and cafes also working as outdoor sitting areas with landscape and green zones that catch the attention of users and visitors, The indoor spaces is providing more exciting experience due to its connection between all levels and open spaces having all natural
elements such as natural light and ventilation including beautiful indoor green spaces and well designed landscape areas.