Dammam DHP/

Dammam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2019 - 2020


Ministry Of Housing

Gross area

258.000 sqm

Construction cost


Project status

Conceptual Design

The project is located on the western south of Al Dammam on the along Al Dammam-Riyadh highway, Next to King Fahad Military Medical City (KFMMC). The project provides unique solutions for environmentally-sustainable, affordable housing and recreational spaces in the area.

The project spans across an area of 258,091 m2, combining residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings with vast green areas to create an enjoyable living experience within safe and rich community, The land was divided into nineteen main plots that were designed with respect to the traditional values and modern life requirements. Cutting across the land is
mixed-use buildings with commercial functions for shopping and recreational activities.

Spaces. The residential buildings have different prototypes A, AP, C in a variety of areas providing 1,907 units ranging between 140 – 277 m2, with 2 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, and 4 bedroom duplex apartments. Duplex apartments were also designed by turning 2 apartments on top of each other into 4 apartments.

The design provides 101 residential buildings in total. With elegant and modern elevations after studying the orientation for the buildings, The design also provides beautiful views and natural lighting in addition to the open spaces and green areas. Landscaping, parking, and open areas were designed thoughtfully to ensure that the circulation in the project was pedestrian-friendly, to ensure that the connectivity of the spaces enhances the quality of life in the area and to be safe for the kid zones.