Children Hospital – 300 beds/

Al-Taif - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2017


Ministery of Health, Saudi Arabia

Gross area

80.000 sqm

Construction cost

160.000.000 $

Project status

Tender Stage Completed

Profoundly committed to the community in which architecture finds its inner purpose, edgearch is particularly proud to have been part of this children hospital project, in which the design has been awarded the Dubai Building Healthcare 2015 Award “Best Hospital of the Future”.

Designing healthcare facility projects is an honorable donation to the city and the people who live there.
Being part of a large masterplan, that includes parking, roads and buildings, the Hospital is framed with an anterior glass wall, which develops longitudinally and provides all of the medical departments a double light exposition.

Light and air are fundamental in the healing processes, so, starting from the large hall in the main entrance, the Hospital glass façade and anterior wall captures direct light and redistributes it in soft rays, which soften the space and embrace the patient’s full recovery.