Al Forsan Amphitheatre, Expo2020/

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, 2019


Invitalia SpA / Dubai Expo 2020

Gross area

975 sqm

Construction cost

5.800.000 $

3rd Prize Award

The 2020 Dubai Expo will take place in an area between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Among all of the projects that will populate this space, one of the most exciting regards the stage building for the Al-Forsan Amphitheater.

The challenge of this project relays on the capability of mixing together outdoor and indoor spaces in a unique, flexible, fluid and agile building. 2975 sqm. for the surrounding area. 975 sqm. for the stage and the building, which displays one level underground and two above-ground. The project includes spaces and facilities for up to 80 performers and 2.500 seated viewers. Beside the actual stage, in the BOH (Back of the House space) the building offers all services required for the staging companies. On the exterior, spectators can assist impressive water games while enjoying a perfect architectural structure and being immersed in a spectacular moment of leisure in nature.

The sense of this project is to merge together landscape design, the amphitheater structure and the Back of House of the building in a single, ever-changing and evolving space, in which the main aesthetic narrative of the UAE is displayed
and empowered with grace and style.