Al-Dahab Civic Center/

Al-Madinah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2013



Gross area

5.200 sqm

Construction cost

4.572.000 $

Project status


Smartly playing with perspective and geometry, this two-volume building generates a new, powerful idea of architecture engaging the two units at the intersection between functionality and design.

The two aerodynamic arms create an expanding and polyvalent space that begins in the foyer and stretches itself, reaching the perimeter, where roads, parks and outdoor facilities embrace the whole project.
The entire project occupies a land area of around 7.000 sqm., a Civic Center in which the goal of modern architecture becomes reality: building with a reason and providing a space for people to meet and generate progress.

Beautifully enlightened by the glass walls that embrace the main building, the Civic Center welcomes gathering, socialization and sharing of ideas in a clear and hospitable environment.