Ahmed Mater - Ashab Al-Lal, Wadi Al Fann, AlUla

Ahmed Mater – Ashab Al-Lal/

Wadi Al Fann, AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2023


Royal Commission for AlUla

Gross area

12,000 sqm

Project status

RIBA 2 - Concept Design

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is embarking on a long-term plan to transform the region, reaffirming it as one of the country’s most important archaeological and cultural destinations. In alignment with RCU’s plans, we put forward this proposal for the works of Ahmed Mater, one of the most significant cultural voices of contemporary art in Saudi Arabia.

His caliber as an artist makes him the ideal choice to create the monumental installation piece for Wadi Al Fann. This proposal details the artwork’s concept and the scope of work for the design stage of the project. The art installation, Ashab Al-Lal, which translates to the character of ‘Mirage in Arabic, is a two highly reflecting concave a-spherical surfaces with a Mirror-finish shapes supported by steel stiffeners, Lightweight structure laying on radial axis. The installation is proposed to be in NC-18 in Wadi Al Fann, as the most appropriate site considering the governing laws of physics that enable the required viewing angles, sun path as wells the extraordinary geography of the Al-Ula landscape.