From 6th to 13th October , Germany through its Embassy Body in Rome will launch the exhibition entitled “Non Farmi Muro” where it will be expressed the history of its culture, from art to language. An opportunity to reflect on the fall of the Wall, thirty years from that November the 9th 1989.

In a series of more than a hundred events including exhibitions, shows, round tables and concerts between twenty cities in Europe, the most important German cultural institutional bodies wondered to involve the most innovative realities from visual, technological and digital communication point of view in order to present a rich calendar of activities.

For Rome event, the exhibition entitled ” Non Farmi Muro ” will be hosted by MAXXI museum from 6th to 13th October. It has been created in collaboration with several local partners from RUFA – Royal University of Fine Arts to National Geographic. The program of the events foresees the presence of three contemporary exhibitions:

  • 30 anni dalla caduta del muro with pictures from Berlin on 1989;
  • 100 anni di Bauhaus with the real experiences of the Bauhaus designers, to be lived 100 years later through VR
  • Planet or Plastic? National Geographic exhibition; dedicated to the plastic impact on our planet.

In this context, edgearch has offered its technical support to the documentation and drafting of the project for the German Embassy in Rome under the coordination of Paolo Buonaiuto, Senior Graphic Designer and Head of Wayfinding & Signage Department of edgearch.

In addition to that, Paolo Buonaiuto, as RUFA professor, has directed the work of RUFA – Graphic Design students for the “100 anni di Bauhaus”, developing the concept of research in the field of visual communication, through a sequence of posters handmade without the use of any digital support.

edgearch wishes to continue the relationship of fruitful collaboration established with the German Embassy for future projects of development and communication of cultural awareness.