For the 2019 edition of “Margaritinskaya Fair”, the most important regional event taking place every year in Arkhangelsk, edgearch has taken part to a 2-days workshop and round tables with a lecture of his Rome Branch director Pasquale Lorusso. The speech had as object how the gastronomic tourism can be a driver for the territory development, and specifically how could be possible to create a new level of food-company branding introducing in the business strategies a theme of social interest and urban renovation of old and industrial buildings.

At the business event of Margaritinskaya fair in Arkangelesk, promoted by the Regional Tourism Development authority, 2019′ edition theme has envisioned a new perspective of development of inbound and outbound tourism in the region through gastronomic and food business events and activities.

Thanks to the good relationships established since 2019 with the Tourism Regional Development Authority of Arkhangelsk edgearch has been invited, as international consultancy firm, to explain how the renovation of old and industrial building in our cities and a good strategy of urban renovation programmes can be triggers for the restart of depressed neighborhoods and commercial business activities, with a social-oriented business approach.

Pasquale Lorusso, as Director of edgearch branch in Rome, during his speech, expressed his vision of urban redevelopment by a new level of food-business branding. It passes through typical finest food producers, local strong and reliable supply chains and an architectural/urban theme of building renovation that has to be part of the new value proposition of any food-business that wants to act as a primary player in the market. This strategic approach is what he has called a “new level of branding” and it has to be built around the best quality products that a territory and its actors can supply to their community.

During the conference he showed some Italian good practices of how the renovation of old buildings for food-business activities has influenced the re-activation of depressed areas in the city of Rome and Milan, arising the interests of new subjects to invest in that area for brand-new commercial initiatives.
This kind of investment becomes the classic example of injection of innovation, quality and efficiency that increases significantly the quality of life for the people living in that area.

The intervention received great enthusiasm from the audience who appreciated these virtuous examples and invited him to take part in the Day 2 round tables with regional development deputy authorities, trade bank representatives and a selected plethora of entrepreneurs in the field of food and retail industry.

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