Led by internationally renowned architect Ahmed Zaidan, edgearch is constantly expanding, taking its place alongside the top international firms. Today edgearch is the lintel that supports and propels the power of creativity and the wide horizon of technology. We know how to explore new ideas, how to combine tradition with vision, how to anticipate the global needs of tomorrow.
We are successful because we employ the best minds in the field, choosing each of its associates based on their track record and vision, selecting them from the countries with the most significant role in architecture and engineering.

Agile and brilliant architects, brave and competent engineers: in edgearch staff and associates are constantly trained and motivated to find ever better solutions to an increasingly complex world. And all the awards won, all the beautiful projects build in 10 years of unstoppable career, speak for ourselves. With an eye on the world that comes from the heart, edgearch is different from any other firm because it really cares.